Why Hrithik’s magnetic personality wasn’t enough to get Kites soaring…..

I have to give props to Anurag Basu for attempting a different type of love story instead of the run-of-the-mill, sappy, bollywood saga. Sadly, it didn’t work at the box office. It has been almost a year since the release of Kites and yet every once in a while I listen to “Zindagi do pal ki” and wonder what could have been…

I can’t go into a critic’s style review of this movie but I certainly want to touch on what I think led the movie to crash and burn in the eyes of Indian audiences across the globe.

First, a movie with more foreign language than Hindi can never be accepted well by the masses in India. It takes a certain type of audience to appreciate this concept. The point of this story was to see it from the character perspective. Two individuals that are in love but cannot communicate their feelings by words because of a language barrier. I, as a viewer, could sense this even if the entire movie was muted but this is a topic for later.

Secondly, the tragic end of a love story where both characters die after all the struggles to escape is not met well with an audience that is always looking for the happy ending.

Music plays a big role in Bollywood movies and the lack of song and dance routines led to disappointment especially among the masses in India. Rajesh Roshan attempted something different and clearly it fell flat. I on the other hand, enjoyed the fluid dance number by Hrithik who is always eye candy and certainly rescued the movie from falling completely flat in its entirety. The music is different, not exactly hummable but easy on the ears. I am referring to Zindagi do pal ki and Dil Kyun yeh mera. These tracks should have been appreciated for their uniqueness but sadly that was not the case.

Hrithik fits the role of a hustler and dance instructor to a T. He is very believable and he does justice to the tragic end without saying a single word. That is the mark of a good actor. Barbara Mori is also believable in her role and certainly eye candy for men. Sadly, that didn’t help Kites at the box office at all.

Onwards and upwards, Hrithik finally scores with his latest venture, Guzaarish. More on that soon

My rating for Kites: 4/5


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