A hidden gem in Marietta, GA

Melody Lane
Cuisine: Mediterranean

My newest find is this lovely little Mediterranean gem located on Canton Rd in Marietta called Melody Lane. One would never spot this place while driving by because the sign board near the street only has “gyro” written on it along with names of others stores/ places in that little strip mall.

Do not be fooled by the location. I was! Like I posted in one of my earlier blogs, I am a fine diner and I am always hesitant when the husband wants to try something new. Nevertheless, this dining experience was a pleasant surprise!

We ordered the falafel appetizer and once we received our order, I knew before I even tasted it that I would be frequenting this restaurant/café. The food was plated well and you could tell the chef was in no rush to get the food out. My first bite was heavenly! We couldn’t get enough of it. 5 stars on the falafel.

For the main course we ordered the gyro platter and chicken shawarma to share. Both dishes were beyond satisfactory. The gyro was cooked perfectly and the chicken was seasoned just right. Both dishes are served with garlic pita that you just can’t get enough of!

Delicious food, great service and reasonable pricing.

My rating: 4 stars

Melody Lane Mediterranean & American Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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