Tandoor Restaurant – Your best take-out option for Indian/Pakistani food!

Tandoor Restaurant
279 Powers Ferry Road SE
Marietta, GA 30067

Cuisine: Indo-Pak

By the time you get done reading this, you’re going to wonder why I’m bragging about this place when all along I’ve been singing about the kind of restaurants I normally eat at. So, let’s call this the best “take-out place” in Marietta for Indian food that will leave you without fingers by the time you’re done eating. That’s right!

Tandoor is on the opposite end of the spectrum of restaurants I usually try but it definitely lives up to the hype.

Remember HP?  Once again, this was his idea! Upon recommendation from a friend, HP sheepishly looks towards me one day and subtly suggests that instead of making dinner we should get take out from this place. My first questions to him are: Is there a website? Is it hygienic? What if they don’t serve fresh food?

So here’s what you need to know… It is located in a strip mall on Powers Ferry Rd. It is NOT a restaurant where you are waited on and served in fancy plates. This is why it is your ideal spot for take-out when you’re craving something spicy! The other good news is that the pricing is reasonable for the quality of food they are serving.

The food, where shall I begin? The most authentic dishes I have eaten besides MC in Alpharetta. They serve the best Botti Chicken Roll in town! This is marinated chicken served in an Indian style naan roll with tamarind sauce. Slightly sweet, very spicy but well worth it! Be sure to try the Chicken Nehari and the Karahi chicken. Both dishes are very distinct in taste and equally delicious!

Please be aware that this is not food for the calorie conscious but it’s perfect for your “cheat” day. 😉

Verdict: ****/5

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2 thoughts on “Tandoor Restaurant – Your best take-out option for Indian/Pakistani food!

    • i believe it is halal but i will check and get back to you on that. Also I agree they should have a menu online. Price-wise they are very reasonable – Chicken entrees cost about $6 and they are outstanding quality for the price. Hope this helps. Welcome to Atlanta!
      Happy eating!

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