10 Degrees South – Sophisticated South African restaurant serving a fusion of exotic flavors

We finally had the opportunity to check out the much raved about restaurant, 10 degrees south, the only South African restaurant in Atlanta. Set in a bungalow, 10 Degrees South is definitely an experience to remember. We celebrated my brother’s birthday there recently. The ambiance and service were top-notch. The thought of tasting something that would bring back memories of home (Africa), especially after learning that they serve peri-peri based entrees, was enough to get my foot in the door!

For all those who are familiar with “Nandos” food, you know what the Peri peri is all about! We ordered the chicken peri peri rolls as appetizers and they were simply delicious! I highly recommend these to first time diners.

For main courses, we all had different entrees including the peri peri chicken, lamb chops, chicken curry, and mussels. I decided to try the small plate of the lamb chops instead of the entree portion since I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. So for those of you that enjoy lamb chops, go for the entree portion!

peri peri chicken

curry chicken

lamb chops


The dishes were satisfactory, however, we all agreed on one thing. The taste isn’t distinctive enough for the food to be priced the way it is. I have tasted similar at other restaurants and if 10 degrees south is the only one of its kind, the food should speak volumes.

My conclusion for this restaurant: Perfect location, great ambiance, great service that makes up for the lack of distinction in overall decent food.

I would definitely recommend 10 Degrees South.
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