Straits – Lacks the punch!

Asian Cuisine
$$$  (20-30 per entrée)
793 Juniper St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

Proclaiming to offer a Singaporean menu, Straits definitely lacks the punch and seems overrated. For a restaurant that serves a blend of Malaysian, Indonesian, and Indian flavors, HP and I found our food to be quite bland or sweet. When the saving grace of your appetizers is the sweet and sour sauce, you know you’re in trouble!

We opted for the tasting sampler as appetizers so we could taste a variety of the small plates. The sampler had the lollipops, shrimp wontons, and spring rolls.  Now, when you are sitting in a restaurant such as Straits, you have high expectations of the flavors. Sadly, I was disappointed with everything. The spring rolls that were pretty much falling apart before we even laid a finger and were stuffed with a mush of stir fried veggies that had no taste. Thank god for condiments! The wontons were undercooked and had a bad aftertaste. Out of all three items, I would say the lollipops were decent. Not my thing though since I’m more of a savory type. The teriyaki glazed chicken drummettes were fried crispy and sweet.

Our server was pretty good. She explained the menu in-depth and was happy to answer any questions we had. However, Good service + under flavored food does not a happy diner make.

For entrees, we opted for the “Potong Kari Ayam”, a traditional Singapore curried chicken with vegetables and “Nasi Goreng” rice. The plating was on spot and quite beautiful but sadly the curry was very underwhelming. There was nothing standing out so far. We have had better Thai and Malaysian curry chickens at other restaurants. This was by far the blandest tasting entrée we had. The rice saved the night as it was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy with coconut and mixed vegetables.

Call it bad luck but out of three tables that were occupied during peak hours, the one behind us babbled endlessly with their server for what seemed like forever. This wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t so loud and obnoxious. HP and I couldn’t hold a decent conversation. By then we were already disappointed with the food so it didn’t matter.. We just wanted to finish and leave. L

We wanted to seal the night with the “French Kiss” dessert and sadly that ended poorly too. Allow me to elaborate. The description in the menu calls for a coffee ice cream with the molten cake. About 15 minutes after we ordered, the plate was brought out with vanilla ice cream. We asked our server if they ran out of the coffee ice cream and she confidently claims this is what it is usually served with. I show her the menu and she apologizes and goes back to the kitchen with the plate. 10 minutes later she is back with the same plate and says they ran out of the coffee ice-cream. Long story short, we asked her to take it off the menu because by the time she was done going back and forth with the plate, the ice cream had melted and the cake was cold and hard. You would think she would leave the plate on the table if she was expecting us to eat it.. lol.

Overall, I don’t like to judge places on one-time visits because it could be an “off-day”. Unfortunately in this case, unless there is a significant change to the menu or an announcement that the entire kitchen staff has been replaced, I don’t foresee a second visit.

I expected a lot from Ludachris’ restaurant. I bet if he had showed up there it would have made up for a lot 😉

Moving on ATL!

Bon Appetit.

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