To be or not to be.. without facebook.. that.. is the question :oP

Facebook – Where real relationships turn sour (sometimes) and virtual relationships turn real!
Ever had someone add you and never acknowledge your presence on facebook, and yet exchange pleasantries over the phone?! How weird is that?! I’ve had people send me friend requests that I never ever talked to in my life and some that I never knew existed in the same world as me. Why would I want people like that to know what goes on in my life? and why would they want to know?!

How about the “it’s not official until I wish you on facebook” birthday messages. All 800 (even Brad Pitt doesn’t know that many but that’s another topic) people write on your wall to wish you and then there is that one person that doesn’t and you over-analyze it because it’s worth mulling over. If you’re on the same level as him or her, you will make it a point to intentionally do the same on the person’s birthday. If this was a real (outside of facebook) relationship, you can kiss it goodbye.

“Welcome to Facebook, the place where relationships are perfect, liars believe their own bulls**t & the world shows off they are living a great life; where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most, your friends & family block you; and even though you write what you are really thinking, there is always someone who takes it the wrong way!”  Kudos to the person who said this.

If there aren’t enough annoying statuses on your news feed (I may be guilty of it myself but not to this extent); “I just showered”, “My coffee’s too bitter, FML”, “It’s Thursday”, then there is always the “Like” option where people will like “I just threw up”, “I totaled my car, FML”, “my day sucked”. When I see this on my news feed, im thinking “sadistic”.. lol.

Then there are those people who add you to their list so they can silently snoop around your profile and see what you’ve been up to and where you were on your last vacation and yet they will never comment or acknowledge your presence, ever. Oh, and I’m sorry Mr. Human resource manager, I don’t particularly care for you to know what I’m up to during my non-business hours…

Let’s face it, secretly we all want to let the world know of our achievements and let-downs, in sincere hopes for reassurance that we do have friends and we are not losers :oP

So thank you facebook for the reinforcement either way… ;o)

I am the most tech-savvy girl that I know :oP and yet I believe the world was better off when we didn’t know anything and everything about our friends, relatives, and acquaintances via fb.  ;o)


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