Bombay Xpress – The newest Indian restaurant in Alpharetta

3050 Mansell Rd. Suite A,
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Cuisine type: Indian

I am usually reluctant to try new Indian restaurants when my husband suggests it, particularly due to the lack of authenticity in most of my Indian Cuisine experiences. Recently, however, we took a chance with Bombay Xpress and I was pleasantly surprised! Chef Sandeep Singh of Bombay Xpress brings you authentic Indian flavors with that home-made touch at a fine-dining level.

When it comes to Indian food, I’m a Chicken Makhani girl so that remains a standard on my part. HP usually tries different dishes. He opted for the Chicken Curry (spicy). We also ordered Chili Paneer as an appetizer and I have to say it is the best paneer I ever tasted. The texture is perfect; crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and every bite is full of flavor.

Our chicken dishes came with rice and we ordered naan to go with it. I will let the pictures do the talking and let you be the judge of what food that looks like that would taste like!

I am already planning the next visit in my mind as I write this.  If Chef Singh can take the time to make food like that on a weekday, I can only imagine what a pleasurable experience it would be on a Friday or Saturday night.

I have never felt so strongly about any restaurant like this since I tried Madras Chetinaad and I have to say that Bombay Xpress is a must-have!

So go on and give it a shot. You will get your money’s worth! If you enjoy it, then spread the word so that it becomes a permanent fixture in Alpharetta.

Bombay Xpress on Urbanspoon

The Verdict: ****/5


2 thoughts on “Bombay Xpress – The newest Indian restaurant in Alpharetta

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m a Chicken Makhani girl myself, and have a hard time finding a place that serves a good version of it. I’ll definitely have to give this place a try. Thanks!

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