Flip Burger – The culinary brilliance of Top Chef Richard Blais

1587 Howell Mill Road,
Atlanta, GA 30318

Cuisine type: Modern Burger Boutique

Welcome yourself to a modern/chic space as you enter Flip Burger. I must admit, my first thought upon reaching the place was: “What a weird location!” The restaurant is on an industrial road and in a spot where one would not possibly imagine a restaurant to be.  This reaction changed immediately as I entered the boutique with sleek white furnishings, flat screens, and the Blais team working on their “creations” in the open kitchen. Impressive to say the least! The whole place screams “Richard Blais”. Who’dathunkit?? An upscale burger joint!

The menu is short and simple. Order a Steak Tartare burger or a “Fauxlafel”, either way you’ll be impressed by the artistic presentation of your burger and toppings. Unique condiments at Flip Burger include smoked mayo, pomegranate ketchup horseradish mayo. I’m working up an appetite as I write this! 🙂 I ordered the fauxlafel burger the first time around. It is a chickpea patty burger with tzaziki sauce, arugula, and salsa. Yummy!

We opted for the jalapeno slaw and cauliflower curry as our sides. I found both  equally delicious. The slaw has a juicy tanginess that makes it stand out from a normal slaw and the cauliflower curry is absolutely delectable! I also tried one of their famous milkshakes, “burnt marshmallow and nutella” milkshake. The scrumptious marshmallows on top were still smoking and Holy Nitrogen! It was GOOD! Be mindful that the shakes are very rich and thick. You could order it as a meal on its own but definitely not for the calorie conscious!

Service was top-notch both times we were there. The restaurant was quite occupied both times we were there and we never experienced any issues with service.

Make it a point to grab lunch there next time you’re in the area.
FLIP Burger Boutique on Urbanspoon

The Verdict: ****/5


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