Rockstar – As real as it gets!

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Cast:Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri

As he stares into the distance at the entrance, she comes into view, angelic, heavenly, and the crowd of thousands around him becomes a blur… A tear trickles down my face.. and then some more as minutes go by.. and yet I didn’t want it to end.. What a beautiful, yet heart-wrenching story.. my words can’t do justice but I’ll try.

Imtiaz Ali’s takes us on a journey with a young college boy, Janardhan Jakhar, from a small town with aspirations to become a Rockstar (inspired by Jim Morrison).

“Rock star is the journey of a boy – who leaves behind Janardan to become Jordan; who traverses the highs and lows of life – from simple naivete to tortured soul, from the pleasure of unaffected friendship to the torment of unrequited love, from the campus in Delhi to the international stage… He ultimately gets all that his heart has ever desired…but in the process shatters / loses his heart forever…” –

There are several reasons that you should watch this movie but the main ones are: Ranbir, Rahman, and Imtiaz Ali. Let me elaborate. While there may be some minor flaws with the script; some scenes that the film could do without, others that could have been extended, the movie in its entirety is sheer brilliance from Imtiaz Ali after his success with Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, and Love Aaj Kal. Personally, I think Rockstar takes the cake!  He has this unique ability to take his audience with him on a journey and keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s next. One of the best directors Indian Cinema has seen.

Ranbir Kapoor is a very versatile actor and he has proved this by the characters he has played in Sawaariya, Wake Up Sid, Rocket Singh, Rajneeti and now Rockstar. In Rockstar he has set the bar high for himself by giving such a stellar performance! His performance as Jordan is unforgettable and remains etched in every mind. Ranbir brought superb emotional depth to this character and he carried the movie on his shoulders effortlessly. I had to keep reminding myself during the rough parts that this is just a movie and he is just a character. That is the reality he brought to this masterpiece…
An honorable mention has to go to the Legendary late Shammi Kapoor who was outstanding in his cameo. His screen presence was applaud-worthy and it was heart warming to see him on screen in his final act..

Rahman’s music is the driving force of the movie. It binds to the story seamlessly and as you listen to the album, it tells you a story in and of itself. Mohit Chauhan lends his vocals to Jordan accompanied by the magic of Irshad Kamil’s lyrics and earns himself a well-deserved reputation in the music industry.

1. Phir Se Udd Chala (Mohit Chauhan) – Take flight with this track as it captures your imagination and sets you free.. It is difficult to express how I feel when I listen to this track… It is magical…it takes me to another world..
“Mitti jaise sapne ye kitta bhi palko se jhaado
Phir aa jaate hain..kitne saare sapne kya kahoon kis tarah se maine
Tode hain chhode… hain kyun
Phir sath chalein mujhe leke ude ye kyun”

2. Jo Bhi Main (Mohit Chauhan) – This track has a soft rock feel to it with the “yaa yaa ya” that a crowd sings along to. Max props to Irshad Kamil for the simple yet powerful lyrics for this one. “Jo bhi main kehna chahu.. barbaad kare alfaaz mere..” It leaves you wanting more…

3. Kateya Karoon(Harshdeep Kaur) – Although I never heard this track much prior to watching the movie, I am now listening to it on repeat! This folk number has a sweetness to it that makes it an easy listen.

4. Kun Fayakun(A. R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Mohit Chauhan)  – Like Arziyan from Delhi 6, this Sufi track will grow on you and once that happens you will not get enough of it. Rahman is at his best here once again, accompanied by Mohit and Javed Ali and he will take you to the depths of his soul with this one. The trio are so perfect for this one. What divinity! 🙂

5. Sheher Mein(Mohit Chauhan, Karthik) – I love this track! It is full of humor and very catchy. There is dialogue between the singing of Karthik and Mohit and you can easily pick up on what’s going on at this point of the story. Mohit sounds adorable in this one!

6. Hava Hava(Mohit Chauhan) – So many instruments weave magic in Hawa hawa. To me the song was colorful and pleasant before I ever saw the movie. That is the power of Rahman. Mohit sings it with such variations and it is simply amazing that such simple lyrics can be turned into such a piece!

7. Aur Ho(Mohit Chauhan, Alma Ferovic) – A Rahman signature this one is! Such depth and soul in this track, it gave me goosebumps! Feel Jordan’s anguish, confusion, and desperation in this track.. A very relatable song and it tops my playlist.

“Ruke ruke, Yeh na thake
Aandhi si joh chale, Inn sansoon ki
Pata bhi na chale, Kahan pe kya jale
Hai darr se, Tann mann ki
Sehran se..Hasrat ki
Surgan se..Bhadke aag..”…

Hats off to Irshad Kamil for such powerful poetry!

8. Tango For Taj – The master of instrumentals is at it again!

9. Tum Ko(Kavita Subramaniam)  – This song didn’t catch my ears until I saw it in context within the movie. Once you visualize it, it brings out raw emotions and the feeling of just holding on…and never let go..

10. The Dichotomy of Fame ( feat Balesh on Shehnai & Kabuli on Guitars)  – A short instrumental with a fusion between Shehnai and guitar. Sounds simple but it takes a genius like Rahman to produce such brilliant simplicity.

11. Naadaan Parindey( A. R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan) – The masterpiece of the album! Yes! Even Sadda Haq pales in comparison. A full on Rock feel to this track and the voice of Rahman accompanies Mohit once again creating magic! This song created a storm inside me.. it encompasses rage, anguish, agony, loss, desperation, love and so much more. This track is truly one of it’s kind and very very addictive! Lyrics are also superb!
“Kaagar kaagar, Morhi itni araj those
Chun chun khahiyoo maas..
Arajiya re khahiyoo na..Do nain morey
Khahiyoo na do nain mohe..Piya ke milan ki aas..”

12. Tum Ho( Mohit Chauhan, Suzanne D’Mello) – The most romatic track of the year that is very reminiscent of Tum Se hi from Jab We Met but even better! It makes you fall in love all over again J

13. Sadda Haq(Mohit Chauhan feat. Orianthi on Guitars) – Mohit is a true Rockstar to pull of this Rock Song… it has become an anthem of sorts for the Indian music listening youth. The song makes one feel rebellious and brings out the best of emotions.

14. The Meeting Place(Ranbir Kapoor) – Ranbir recites poetry by Rumi in this simple yet intriguing piece. This line basically sums up their love story.

So Rahman fans, TAKE A BOW, and brace yourselves for the most amazing journey through this musical masterpiece as Rahman, Ranbir, and Imtiaz take the lead…

The verdict: *****/5

Go watch it now!


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