Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers – A Japanese and Thai restaurant in Kennesaw

2700 Town Center Dr NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Cuisine type: Japanese, Thai

After doing a Google search to see what kind of ratings this place got, I was quite surprised to learn that it hasn’t been reviewed as much as I would have thought. So here I go…

As the name suggests, Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers (I just call it Thai Peppers ;)) is two restaurants in one. It works out great for HP and I because he likes Thai food and I love my sushi and hibachi! Besides the Hibachi section, there is a dining area for the Thai food but they serve the Hibachi there as well so we get to enjoy the best of both cuisines.

I have read some of the reviews, most of which dated back to 2009 and they weren’t very good. I don’t know what it was like back then because I just moved back to Atlanta last year, but I have to say that our dining experience so far has been great! We usually order different selections from the Chef Specials sushi menu – LOVE! HP usually opts for the Red Curry Chicken as an entrée and I go for the chicken and shrimp Hibachi.

The only flipside of the Hibachi is that your experience will vary depending on who’s making it. I know, I know.. you’re thinking.. isn’t that stating the obvious? NO. I mean it REALLY varies. I plan on finding out the name of whoever makes it better next time (since it comes from the kitchen when you’re seated in the dining area) so I can request the same chef J

My recommendations for sushi: The French Roll, Mumbo Jumbo Roll, or the Summer Roll

Feel free to try any others too because I’m sure they’re just as good.

If you live in the Kennesaw or Marietta area, I would definitely urge you to give this place a shot.

The Verdict: ****/5

Fuji Hana Thai Peppers on Urbanspoon


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