To you, who’s been there effortlessly…

You found me when I was hidden under layers of solitude.  I didn’t what to believe, whom to trust, what you wanted, so I let time do what it does best and time didn’t disappoint. There was something about your voice that calmed the erupting rage within. The comfort of your arms blurred out the rest of the world and it’s harsh realities. You made me release all my inhibitions. I was trapped in the shadows of other peoples’ likes and dislikes and you released me.

I wasn’t ready to be saved. I never knew what it felt like to have someone break your fall every time. I wasn’t ready to be loved the way you loved me or be taken care of. How could I be? I knew nothing of it… There was a part of me that I had never shared with anyone and you strode into my world and won my trust like no one else ever had. I could be myself entirely. So I laughed as I pleased and cried and raged and laughed again without repercussions.

What was it that drew you towards me? I still ask myself often. It couldn’t be my extremities, or my aptness to slam doors. It couldn’t be my bluntness or my impatience. Maybe, just maybe, you had unraveled the mystery that was me.. You knew what lies behind the mask, the façade. You knew me. Better than anyone that walked the face of this earth. You embraced the person that was me.

You continue to remain my fortress of strength, my guide. Your absence turns this fiercely independent soul into a needy, confused, ageless being. I lean on your positivity to erase the harsh realities. I depend on your love to lift me from sinking.,

Dear you, who’s been there consistently, I pray that you remember your innocence before the harsh realities of this world take it away entirely. I thank you for being there to catch me when I stumbled while chasing after my dreams. I thank you for seeing what others didn’t and for letting me be ME.


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