Tales of my traffic travails…

As luck would have it, I found the perfect job (read: awesome perks!) just over a year ago. The only problem is…the commute! Yes.. The goddamn commute that usually takes me over an hour (sometimes an hour and half!) each way. Thank god I can listen to the same tracks on repeat because honestly when you drive that much, there’s going to be repetition! But I digress..

I usually don’t know whether to laugh or cry over my daily adventures amidst the traffic so I’ll let you decide. Introducing the most annoying drivers of the century:

Have you ever waited patiently for a car in front of you to make a left turn at a green signal? How often do you find yourself wanting to scream your head off when you have patiently waited and waited until you realize that even when the cars are a good 15/20 seconds away, this dimwit in front of you doesn’t pull out and make the turn. So you cuss as if he/she can hear you, and then proceed to yank off your hair because when this person finally makes the turn, the light turns red immediately after. #!@$%!!

Then there’s always your beloved cell phone user driving with one hand because God forbid they should come into the 21st century and realize that the Bluetooth device now exists… So oblivious to their surroundings, they drive between two lanes and then swerve into your lane without warning!

And an honorable mention goes out to the serial texters who single-handedly jeopardize the lives of us ordinary mortals who don’t know how to multi-task to that extent… Kudos to their atrocious driving!

Recently I have had the utmost pleasure of experiencing the joy of driving at 60mph in the extreme left lane. For this I thank the ladies in the brand new SUV’s driving with caution at exactly 55mph in the LEFT lane lest they should rear end the car in front of them that’s only a mile away..

Oh and God forbid there should be a cop driving behind one of these cars… prepare to go into turtle mode! Just yesterday I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation of this poor cop who was going his merry way in the left lane until of course the suv in front of him realized he was behind him… There was no way this cop was going anywhere because all the lanes were full and the SUV infront of him wouldn’t go past 55. I mean for cryin out loud! Could you be any LAMER?

Actually yes they can.. and so the list continues after the break..

Happy Driving! ;o)


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